Cat litter training

It's really an oxymoron: cat litter training. Because our cat's instincts tell them what to do in the litter box. We just need to set it up correctly, and get out of the way.
Tristan, six months, in Litter Robot

Here is what our cat's instincts tell them:

  • Pick a new spot.
    This is where the importance of clean litter comes in. Cats are drawn to it like iron to a magnet.
    That is because their survival depends on not letting their presence be known to other creatures. Who might want to eat them.
  • Feel safe.
    If we put our litter box next to the furnace that comes on unexpectedly, we create a situation where our cat does not feel comfortable using their litter box.
    As much as we don't like using a gas station washroom, imagine using one while the door's not locked.
  • Easy access.
    It's tempting to put the litter box as far away as possible. But then it's hard for our cat to get to, and we put off cleaning it.
    There's a reason architects don't put the bathrooms in the furthest corner of the basement. We shouldn't put the litter box there, either.

By giving our cat's bathroom the same care and attention we give our own, we create a litter box our cats love to use. Then, we're both happy!

For more on this subject, see Clean Litter, Happy Cats.
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