Cat Choosing: Boy or Girl?

Should we get a boy cat, or a girl cat?

It is often good to alternate. Having our cats learn to get along with both sexes will keep our cat family, and our human family, happy. Though if we like our present cat, it would be good to get a another cat like him or her, since that will make them compatible.

What are the differences? Surprisingly few; once they are altered.

That's because it is very difficult to make a good pet from a cat who is not spayed or neutered. Once the mating behaviors are no longer an overwhelming factor, cats become much more calm and lovable.

The female (queen) will start going into heat as early as six months, depending on breed differences. The cat should not be bred at her first heat. Yet this is often what happens when people delay having their female cat spayed.

Females get loud and vocal and seem affectionate, but what the cat is also doing is suffering. She is being driven by a survival urge as strong as hunger, so will be determined to get out.

Once she gets out, she won't come back until she gets the "successful mating signal" from her body. So when the cat comes back, she will be pregnant.

When the boy cat isn't neutered, the situation can be worse, with males marking territory and cementing a behavior no one likes. He will want to get out and not only mate, but fight with other males.

The characteristics will shape the cat as a pet, to both our unhappiness. A cat who is not spayed or neutered will often misbehave. They can't help it. But it will make all our lives easier to avoid the situation completely.

There will still be differences between boys and girls. But it won't be the bad behaviors.

It will be the good ones.


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