Why do cats turn their backs?

Why do cats turn their backs?

In cat language, this is saying, You have hurt my feelings.

It often follows up a greeting and we can feel hurt. Didn't they miss us? Yes, they did! And this is how they say so.

Cats do this to let us know they felt pushed aside for other interests. What is the right way to respond?

Acknowledge the hurt feelings. If we've been away for the evening or for the fortnight, they missed us. Isn't that sweet? The way cats say they've missed us is to show their hurt. That's what the Turned Back is about.

Let them know, we've missed them, too.

Make it up to them. We should apologize. Did we mean to hurt their feelings? Of course not. We hurt them by making them think they had been abandoned. When we were small, we felt the same way if Mom and Dad left us with someone else too long.

So offer them treats, let them smell our souvenirs, or explore our suitcase.

Don't retaliate, reciprocate. We can misinterpret the Turned Back and think it means our cat didn't miss us, but what our cat is saying is the opposite. The more the cat tries to pretend their feelings aren't hurt; the more they are.

Tell them they are right. We were awful not to take them with us, but they wouldn't have liked that, either.

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