Adopting the older cat

Sadly, many people consider a six month old kitten to be too old to be adopted.

This is six months. This is also cute.
This makes no sense. It's highly likely our cat will make it to fifteen. Are we going to quibble over .01666% of their life?

When we find a love interest we want to be serious about, we expect to meet them when they are grown up and have some opinions.

That is what makes them interesting.

People like getting tiny kittens for more reasons than their teeny cuteness. They think they can mold the Cat to Come by getting them young. They think they will have maximum time with them. They think they can avoid a bad outcome.

But none of this is guaranteed.

And people, especially those new to cats, don't realize those teeny tiny kittens come with matching teeny tiny attention spans.

It takes months to train little baby kittens. That same task can take a single day with an older cat, who knows how to think.

While kittens are a lot of fun, there's also fun to be had when we adopt an older kitten, or even a grown cat. Because what matters is how compatible we are. No matter how young our kitten, they already have their own personality.

When we adopt an older cat, we can much more easily figure out what that personality, is.

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