Multiple cat advantage: tattling!

One great reason to have multiple cats is how they will tell on each other.

Every family, classroom, or work group has at least one member who will tattle. Cats are the same way.

My three cat boys - James (l) is the tattletale
There are cats who come running to us when another cat is misbehaving. They are the kinds of cats who develop an understanding of our schedules and rules.

They find it uncomfortable to have these smooth routines disrupted. So whether it's a rowdy kitten or a cat who is taking over too much territory, these cats are quick to come to us when they feel other cats need policing.

This is a great advantage. We are in a better position to enforce fairness than the other cats are. But the other cats are in a better position to know what the other cats are up to than we are.

We should always encourage our cats to think of each other as friends. Maybe not best friends, but at least at the level of being social with each other.

Sometimes, like when another cat is sick or being bullied, we really need to know what is going on. So we can fix it.

For more about cats who like to supervise, see The Supervisor.
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