Do we know what our cat is telling us?

We have a bit of a challenge when it comes to communicating with our cats. Humans talk to each other with words. Cats talk to each other with body language.
Olwyn and Tristan speak in body language

This is one of the reasons cats study us so closely. They are trying to figure out what our bodies are saying.

This is why I urge people to talk to their cats all the time. We can't help but signal our emotions with our bodies when we speak. Cats do learn key words from our speech.

When they put these two things together, they translate what we are saying so much better!

We should also pay close attention when our cat do try to speak with us. It's not at all unusual for a cat to make sounds with their humans. In fact, this is something cats only do with humans, not with other cats.

If our cat "speaks" to us, pay attention right away. Mention their name, get to our feet, indicate our willingness to provide what they are asking for.

Since cats speak with their body, their own instincts will compel them to "show" us what they want, by running to the kitchen or the window, or just twirl in place... if what they wanted was attention.

If what they want is some attention, we should give them some.

Find out why, when it comes to cats, we are so willing to be manipulated.
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