Cats smell better than us

How much better do cats smell than we humans? Twice as good? Five times as good? How about fourteen times better?

So if we can smell the litter box... we know our cat is actually smelling it that much more.
New laptop skin for looks, but to RJ, it's how it smells.

It's not just that cats are able to smell so much more than we do. It's also that it conveys that much more information to our cat.

To a cat, another's scent tells them a lot about the mood, the activities, even the state of health of the other being.

Like any Superpower, this ability can be as annoying as it is amazing. If our cats have a smidge of something on their fur, they know. They cannot rest until it is groomed away.

This is why cats are so interested in our shoes when we come home, and why they stick their heads into the grocery bags. We bring home a carnival of new smells when we buy new things and visit a new area.

So let's be understanding when our cats get intent on things we are not aware of.

Just because we can't smell it doesn't mean there is nothing there to smell.

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