Why our cat is not being naughty

We tend to think our cats misbehave on purpose. Just because they are doing things we don't like.
Are they fighting... or playing?

Our cats never see it that way, though. If they are doing something, it is something they want to do.

And their instincts tell them, if they want to do this thing, it's because they need to do this thing.

We should remember that in our cat's natural world, their instincts were perfect guides to their behavior. If they were hungry or tired or thirsty, their instincts would guide them to what they should do to fix that problem.

In our home, our cats are still obeying the urgings of their instincts. Only, in our world, it doesn't always work the same way.

If our cat is hungry, they race around, maybe knock things off tables or knock their dish around the kitchen. They are trying to use their hunting instincts to get themselves fed. If we get mad at them, we aren't listening to what they are trying to say.

And we aren't stopping their "bad" behavior, because they aren't getting fed, either.

Whenever our cat does something we don't like, we should stop and ask ourselves what they are trying to get with this behavior. Do they need to play? Do they need their dishes attended to? Are they distressed about something?

If we don't like the ways they ask for things, we should figure out how to give them better ways.

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