How to get the cat to dislike you

Cats don't like being teased unless we love them. Is the cat being teased by someone they love?

A cat who hides is not having fun
It's easy to tell. A happy, relaxed cat, being gently teased by a good friend, will be lying on their side or back, and will respond with gentleness of their own.

A cat who is not having a good time will be trying to get away, backing off because they feel threatened, and wanting to hide.

A lashing tail, laid-back ears, and stretched eyelids to make the eyes into slits; these are signs the cat is on the defensive.

Often, the teaser will claim the cat is "enjoying" themselves because they continue to defend themselves against the teasing, instead of running away. But that is because the cat is literally afraid of turning their back on the threatening person.

If we think our cat is not having a good time with the teasing; we are right. We should get the offending person to back off on the teasing. If the cat then runs away, we have been proven right.

We should always stick up for our cat. After all, when our cat sticks up for themselves, somebody can get hurt.

And even though it is always the fault of the teaser, they usually don't see it that way.

Find out The Truth about Cat Teasing.
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