What is a cat's favorite toy?

These are the kinds of toys which have a wand to wave, a string at the end, and a toy connected to the string. They can create a lot of excitement with their speed and versatility.

our girl cat examines new toy
Princess Olwyn tests the new toy
A wand toy has many advantages over other kinds:
  • We keep our hands safely on the wand, while the cats pounce safely on the toy.
  • It is easier to mimic prey behavior with the flex and movement of the wand.
  • We can make more extravagant movements, getting our cat to run and jump to keep up.
  • We can use it to make their scratching post, or cat tree, more interesting, by dragging the toy end over its surface.
  • We can get our more sedate cats racing around and getting needed exercise.
  • We can get our kittens racing around and wearing themselves out... right before bedtime.

We should be careful, though, because with much power comes much responsibility!

We must be aware of where the wand tip is at all times, especially when our cat is racing around. Keep the tip in contact with the floor if the cat is engaged with the toy end, and might try to run away with it.

Don't leave our cat alone with it. They can drag the wand around and break it, or destroy the toy end.

Be sure to put the wand toy away in a safe place when we are done, so our cat doesn't try to play with it by themselves.

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