Cats love our voice

Until we start using our voice to express affection to our cats, we might not know its power.
Tristan is an eager helper at podcast time

As seen at right, my cat Tristan loves when I start setting up to record a podcast.

He listens to my voice with great excitement. He races around the room. I have to hold him and pet him and share his joy, until he gets worn out and takes a nap.

Then, I can record the podcast.

Cats have wonderful hearing, and so they love to hear sweet tones in our voice, especially when we talk about them.

This is why cats "bother" us when we are on the phone. No one else is here... we must be talking about them!

Using a soft voice, happy tones, and their name or nicknames, is how we draw our cat to us and let them know we care about them. A favorite way to make my cat feel special is to make up a song about them. We don't have to be good singers, we just need to find a melodic song that we can put their name in.

We will find our cat appearing to hear us sing their song.

So it is perfectly all right to talk to our cat in baby talk, and whisper when we put our head near their ears, and otherwise act in a way which shows we know how sensitive their hearing is.

And how sensitive their hearts.

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