Fit our cat into our life

If we feel we are not getting enough cat companionship, we might not be "letting the cat into our life" enough. The more we involve our cat in daily activities, the more we enjoy time with our cat... without trying.

I know that letting the cat "help" us with changing the sheets, putting groceries away, and assembling our hobby items, is not efficient. But it is: fun. We have to look at our cat's input as something enjoyable.

Because they do.

Cats love doing things with us. We are the Masters of the Universe. We make food appear out of round metal objects. A simple gesture makes fresh water happen. And they love to interact with us, because they love us and want to spend time with us.

All of this gets thrown away when we don't make the small amount of effort required to fit the cat into our life.

We get a pet so we have someone living to share our life with. This is a simple fact. If we want something more complex, we get a life partner. If we want something simple, we get a goldfish.

A cat is the perfect balance between these two extremes. Flexible enough to adapt to any circumstance, yet intelligent and emotional enough to fulfill human needs.

So make room, for our cat, in our life. We will both appreciate it.

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