Do cats manipulate humans?

One of the complaints about cats is how they are "manipulative."

What does this mean? Seems like it's based on the way cats get us to do stuff. Oh, isn't that terrible!

Yet, when a dog brings his ball over and stares at us, it's just, "The dog wants to play! Isn't that cute!" Yes, it is. Dogs like to chase things, and we are excellent at throwing things. Thus, love.

But cats are the same way. It's just that their "play" is different. In the wild, cats don't get dinner by chasing it, the way dogs do. Cats get dinner by outwitting it.

So when they play, that is what they do.

Cats learning how we work is just, you know, how they work. Cats put their intelligence on the line, every day, as they work on their understanding of how others think. This is what makes cats so fascinating and fun.

Of course they try to get us to do what they want! Isn't that what we are doing to them?

The more we play the cat's game, the more they will respect us. And, then...

Up their Game.

Learn more about the way cats work our levers with Willing to Be Manipulated.
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