Does our cat want a kitten?

Let's get our cat a kitten! It's a very attractive idea. But it's not, necessarily, one our cat would endorse.

Some cats would love a kitten. Some cats would love two kittens. How can we tell which kind our cat is? I'm glad to tell you.

Because I'm the last person on earth to talk anyone out of a kitten.

However, as much as we all enjoy a bumbling little beanhead spreading cuteness throughout our home, this is might not be our existing cats' dream scenario. We should remember that our cats, especially past the age of three, are not as thrilled with having their heads tackled as they once might have been.

If the real reason we are getting a kitten is because we want a kitten, there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. But we should keep our existing cats in mind. If they are past the age of kittenhood, or low energy, or laid-back... we are not getting a kitten for them. We are getting a kitten for us.

If we are getting a kitten for us, we should get two kittens. Because they can play with each other and stay out of our own, and our older cat's hair and fur.

So to speak.

For more tips on how to tell, see the post, Dear Pammy, Should I get my cat a kitten?
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