Keep our cat guessing

While I'm not in favor of teasing the cat, we can play with a cat's schedule to increase our communication, and our cat's ability to adjust to the unexpected.

No matter how hard we might try, we are going to sleep late, come home late, or stay up late sometimes. If our cat is too dependent on regular schedules, this will upset them.

Are we doing this on purpose? Don't we love them?

If this happens when we are already rushing, and stressed, our cat will pick up on our distress. Then they will worry.

It is far better to play with our schedule when we have some control over events. That way, when we don't have control over events, our cat will still have a pattern to follow.

It's okay. They will still take care of me!

Our cat is used to making their own schedules in the wild. Partly based on the movements of their prey, and partly based on their own efforts and choices. Once living with humans, in their home, cats will adapt to our schedule.

They just need to know that if things get messed up, we will fix them again.

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