The fun of pets

What do we want from our pets?

It's a good question. Because there's no denying that pets come with downsides; when we go away ,when we need to buy supplies, when we come home and don't want to do anything... yet our pet needs attention.

It's worth remembering that attention is what we got the pets for.

We wanted a little face who cared how our day went. Old or young; single or one of a large family; verbal or not; we all want someone who cares, cares a lot, about how our day went. This is the impulse that drives us to not come home to an empty room or apartment or house.

Cats are an excellent choice for a wide range of such needs. One of the advantages of cats which is not recognized as such is the way cats do well when they come in packages. Cats, when properly chosen and handled, are pets who blend well.

This can come as a surprise to those who are not aware of just how much fun cats in groups can be. They are used to cats, badly handled, who have their territorial instincts jammed into overdrive. These cats hide, fight with each other, and force their people to create non-overlapping territories, just to have peace.

These are cats who have been handled wrong. From not altering them early enough, or not at all; from throwing them together when they are not ready to frustrating their social impulses, there's no end to the ways people can mess up this most enjoyable aspect of cats.

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