The three cat types

People tend to think of cats as "all alike." But nothing could be further from the truth.

James Bond (top) Reverend Jim (left) Sir Tristan (right)
These three cats are all boys, all tabbies, all raised from kittens in my home. They all love cuddles and affection, play with each other, and behave like gentlemen.

They are three very different cats.

James Bond has always adored me, but took a few years to reach that level with my husband. He is still shy with strangers, and takes a while to make friends of them. He takes it upon himself to monitor all activity around the place, and will summon me if an object or situation needs attention. He amuses himself with his favorite toys.

Reverend Jim is highly affectionate with everyone, if they pet him in a way that preserves his dignity. He might hide at first, but once encouraged will quickly warm up, meet and greet, and curl up on a living room chair. RJ sees his only responsibility as behaving as I request; but he can forget in the heat of the moment. He has particular games he loves to play, and relies on me to provide them, even if he forgets to ask.

Sir Tristan is a cuddle bunny who needs to touch base a dozen times a day. He loves to show off for guests. He might not let them pet him on short notice, now that he's grown up, but he wants to be the center of attention. He tries to "be good" but his mind moves like quicksilver and he often loses focus. He does not have any concept of responsibility. He requires a cat tree, popup cubes to hide in, and a lot of sponge balls. He has no trouble keeping himself amused; our task is to remind him what is not a toy.

James Bond has a lot of Gamma tendencies; he's self-contained, self-amusing, and likes routine. He hates to misbehave and leaves our things alone. Reverend Jim is all Beta; he's social, friends with everyone, and easily trained once he has matured. Sir Tristan leans towards the Alpha side of the cat spectrum; high energy, bright and mischievous, always looking for something to explore.

These three cats are good examples of the three different Cat Types. While they are distinct individuals who express their type tendencies in their own ways, they developed predictably, from young kittenhood, because I accurately figured out what Cat Type they were. This is how we can choose the right cat for us.

Learn all the cat types.
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