Cats have to hide their love away

Many people think cats are not affectionate because they have never gotten affection from a cat.

With that attitude, they never will.

As humans, we cannot do anything we are unable to imagine, first. So if we do not think a certain thing is possible, we do not even try. This is the roadblock many cats run into in their quest for homes.

  • People "wind up" with a cat. 
  • They hear cats are not affectionate.
  • They don't make affectionate overtures.
  • Cat thinks people are not affectionate.
  • Love stalemate.

If we have every been puzzled about why people acquire and enjoy multiple cats, it's not that they are "animal hoarders" and it's not that they are delusional. They actually get affection from cats; so much that they want more.

Unfortunately, if we do not think cats are affectionate; we are not going to see cat lovers as rational beings making a sensible choice. If we do not understand when cats do make affectionate overtures, we will not know they want to be friends.

Simple ways people go wrong are easily fixed:

  • Don't treat the cat as though they were a dog. They are not a dog.
  • Many "pets" are actually threatening to cats; like bouncing our hand on their head.
  • Invite the cat in; don't chase them down.
  • Learn the cat's ways of showing they like us.
  • Show the cat affection in a way they like.

For more about loving our cat in ways they understand, see Fixing cats who won’t cuddle.
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