Is it wrong to spoil our cat?

Sometimes, when we share that we've done something nice for our cat, another person will be negative about such a gesture.

You want to be careful, don't spoil the cat.

I am here to reassure everyone; we cannot spoil the cat by spoiling them. In fact, the whole point is spoiling them!

This is how we learn to love each other.

There are real concerns when it comes to spoiling a dog, or a child. In both cases, we cannot let them "have their way" because the dog will think that means they are The Boss, and the child... well, the child will think that means they are The Boss, too. And they are not; they cannot run things.

But our cat is different. Our cat actually can run things. Not giant corporations or ATM machines, but our cats are used to running things for themselves; and are happiest in our home when they do.

The more we let them choose their favorite foods, maintain the litter box the way they'd like, and offer them affection in a way they understand; the happier they are. In turn, the happier they make us.

Cats understand reciprocal affection. We don't have to "make" them love us. When we do nice things for them, they love us, and want to do nice things for them. Or, maybe, it's the other way around.

It doesn't matter, does it?

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