What should we feed our cat?

It seems easy... we go to the store, we buy the bag of 100% Nutritionally Complete Food, and we keep the bowl topped up.


But in our Corporate Dominated Consumer World... it's not that simple.

Sadly, the biggest selling, easiest to get food, the kind that comes in a big bag at the supermarket, is awful food. Look at the ingredients. Meat is not the first on the list, or even second. And if it says byproducts... we don't want to know.

Yes, it's cheap and convenient. But just as we don't want our children to eat only McDonald's meals, we don't want our cats to eat the pet equivalent.

The biggest problem with these cheap & easy dry foods is that they are mostly grains. And there's the problem. No one ever came back to the farmhouse to exclaim, "That mountain lion's gotten into the wheatfield again!" That's because cats don't eat grains. Period.

They so don't eat grains because they don't even have the enzymes to digest them. So what happens when we feed an obligate carnivore (that's what cats are) mostly grains? They turn to fat and give them diabetes.

We don't want that.

Any canned food is better than any dry food. That's a great place to start.

For more on better foods, see how cats eat less of better foods, so it doesn't cost that much. And here's some help convincing a cat to eat the new food
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