Myths about Cats

There are many myths about cats.

Cats are aloof, don't feel affection, are a poor pet choice.

All myths.

We can have an adoring, and adorable, companion. We simply need to understand cats.

The three biggest ways people mess this up:

1. Treating cats like dogs.

Now, most people treat their dogs well. But even the well-meaning make this mistake with cats. We cannot train, discipline, or treat our cat the way most people handle dogs.

We don't need to be the cat's boss. We shouldn't yell at them or hit them. (Or dogs, either.) We shouldn't look for signs of the cat showing affection the way a dog would.

They are different animals. That's the point.

2. Expecting the cat to always make the first move.

Even if we raised them as kittens, we can wonder where the cuddles went. It was because kittens are all give. But as they grow older, they want give and take.

So take the initiative with your cat. Be glad to see them. Then they will have a reason to be glad to see you.

3. Ignoring the cat's efforts at communication.

When the cat is in our way, what do we do? Ignore them, or even tell them to go away? How can they figure out when there's a good time to approach us if we never tell them what that is?

If we've been ignoring the cat all day, then settle on the couch and want cuddling, why are we so upset that we don't get it? If we treated a person this way, they would not be open to our overtures, either.

So notice the cat whenever they appear. Then they will be open to returning the favor.

Myths do no one any good; when they are wrong.

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