How cats make us do their bidding

We obey the cat.

If we want to have a happy cat.

This isn't a bad thing at all. Haven't there been many times we wished we knew what the cat wanted?

We want a happy cat. Because a happy cat is a charming cat.

And who doesn't want to be charmed?

There is something wonderful about becoming the object of a cat's devoted attention.

Otherwise, so many people wouldn't enjoy doing it.

We can have a cat who greets us at the door, behaves themselves, and snuggles with us.

This is humorously expressed as "doing what the cat wants." Some people become uncomfortable when they realize getting affection from a cat is more challenging than a dog.

That instead of giving orders, we negotiate a mutually agreed upon strategy for each other's maximum satisfaction.

What else is a relationship for?

For more about what science has discovered about how cats really do enjoy bossing us around, see Why we do what cats want.
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