Are cats stubborn?

Yes, they are.

There are two reasons, though.

The main thing the cat is stubborn about is how they want to be taken care of. They can't help that. Their instincts are hard for them to ignore, like hunger, sleep, and thirst.

Often we think a cat is "misbehaving," but a lot of the time, the cat is just asking for what they need. If the cat seems to be focused on their food, water, or litter needs, maybe those needs should be met in a better way.

Constantly scratching the couch means they are asking for a scratching post that is not flimsy or has a similar surface.

Cats can't help but be stubborn when their instincts are demanding satisfaction. They can't help it.

Other ways cats can be stubborn are also communication clues.

Hiding means the cat is not yet comfortable with what they can expect from their house. Refusing to be petted means the cat does not trust us enough to share this close contact.

Any time a cat is stubborn about something, we are getting an important clue about what the cat wants, and what the cat needs.

Which is often the same thing.

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