What is the cat's name?

We must have a good name for our cat, because their name will shape their relationship with us.

Do we enjoy saying their name? Does it make us smile? Can the cat hear the pleasure in our voice when we say their name?

If not, we are already signaling our own indifference with a careless, lightly chosen, or even derogatory name.

Names like "Blackie," "Fluffy," or "Kitty" are not distinctive or delightful, are they? We know that; we do not say them with the proper happy tone.

At least putting something else there, like "Mister Blackie," "Princess Fluffy," or "Miss Kitty" makes them sound more important. Then the cat will feel more important.

While childhood names like "Stinky" or "Annoyance" seem funny at the time, we are not going to say these names with a lot of enthusiasm. Better to keep them as nicknames for use at the proper times.

It seems like a lot of trouble to go to, but that is exactly what our cat is looking for. They want to know we have gone to some trouble for them. That we care enough to go to some trouble.

An official name which reflects the cat's personality will be a reminder of the cat when they are not there, a way of showing affection when they are there, and a way to call them for good things.

A good name makes us, and the cat, happy.

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