Why does the cat ask to be fed all the time?

The number one reason cats ask to be fed all the time is:

They are hungry.

How can that be? we ask ourselves. Isn't there a bowl of food sitting right there? What do they want?

Unfortunately, a lot of cats get fed the wrong food. The typical dry cat food diet is full of grains.

And cats can't digest grains.

Cats lack the enzymes to digest carbohydrates. ANY carbohydrates.

That's grains, corn meal, fruits and vegetables; they may add it to cat food, but cat's bodies don't recognize it as food.

To find out what we are really feeding our cat, look at the label with our calculator handy. Add up two things from the label: Protein + Fat.

How big is that number? Because that is what we are really getting. Only protein and fat are foods the cat can digest and actually use.

Anything else is only going to make the cat fat and sick.

This makes us look at our cat food buying in a whole new way. Maybe that food is cheap, or maybe it's expensive. But if what we are getting in real food is only a fraction of what we are paying for, then we are not feeding the cat enough food.

And that's why the cat asks for food all the time.

Because the cat is hungry all the time.

So maybe it's time to rethink our cat food buying. Maybe we should use our cat food dollars to buy more actual food. Canned food is actually a better food bargain than the dry food; because it contains more food. Check the labels, and see for yourself!

Because the cat is not hungry all the time, they will actually eat less; and lose any excess weight, too. All the cat can do with those useless grains is turn it into fat.

Why are we paying good money to make our cat fat?

Getting better food can wind up costing us no more than what we are paying now, but we wind up with a healthier, happier cat.

Which saves us money in the long run, too.

When cats are fed the right diet, they aren't hungry all the time.
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