Are Cats Good for Us?

Are cats good for our health?

Yes. This study suggests that cats, in particular, are good for us. ABC News: Stroke on Your Mind? Stroke Your Feline: "New research suggests cat ownership could reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke."

So there's something special about cats that makes them better for our health than other pets?

Actually, yes. Cat purring actually speeds healing. And that goes for anyone within range, like a cat's person.

This is probably how cats got the reputation of having "nine lives." Cats can come back from very serious injuries.

Just because cats have special abilities doesn't mean we should be afraid of them.

Can Oscar The Cat Predict Your Death? | Itchmo: News For Dogs & Cats: "a cat who has the uncanny ability to predict our dying days"

Many people said they were afraid of Oscar. But they shouldn't be.

It's not supernatural.

Oscar was a kitten in the nursing home, accompanying the nurses on their rounds. Because of a cat's superior senses, he was able to pick up on when a person was getting really sick; and taking it upon himself to be there for that person.

When they needed a little comfort, the most.

It's just another way cats like taking care of us. Because they do. When we are sick, the cats stick around to offer comfort. We shouldn't worry... unless we have Oscar.

And he already has a good home, and a good job.

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