The Built-In Cat Instruction Manual

Suppose every pet came with a built-in tutorial that coached us step by step in their proper care.

It doesn't sound possible.

Yet, cats almost have that.

Cats only require us to master one skill in order for us to train, care for, and discipline them.

If we listen, cats will be our teacher.

Yes, cats want what they want.

But this isn't a bug, it's a feature!

Cats know how to make themselves happy better than we do. Happy cats are well behaved, happy, and affectionate cats.

If we learn how to listen to the cats, the cats will tell us what we should do.

A pet hardly gets any easier than that.

If the water in the dish is getting stale, the cat will signal us. If the cat feels neglected, they will come to us. If the litter needs cleaning, the cat is doing us a favor by telling us!

The more we understand and respond to the cat's request, the more our cat will feel loved. The more the cat feels loved, the more they will communicate with us, come around for petting, and not want to misbehave.

Cats want to work with us so they take care of themselves most of the time.

  • They don't want to be walked, they only want us to clean the litter regularly; we can pick the time. So they can pick the time. Isn't that easy?

  • We can always make our cat care and training easier.

    We just have to consult our in-house expert.

    Find out more about Hearing What Cats are Telling Us.
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