Two Cats are Easier Than One

Did you know that when we decide we want a cat, we can do ourselves a favor by getting two cats instead?

Even if we already have a cat?

It's true!

People worry about their cats getting along, but two cats are always easier than one.

In almost any circumstance.

That's because if we are starting from scratch (hee hee!) getting two cats instead of one solves a lot of our cat problems from the very beginning.

  • Two cats can play with each other and we don't have the whole burden of amusement.

  • Two cats means twice the chances of our message getting through. One cat might be better at understanding humans; and then they can tell the other cat.

  • Two cats means the cats will behave better; one of them is likely to be more cautious than the other, and will warn the other cat they are about to get into trouble.

  • Buddies.Two cats coming into the home at once won't get into territory disputes. They are both starting from the same territory. So we increase the chances they will not just get along, but be buddies.

    This "cat math magic" works even if we already have a cat, and we worry about adding a new cat. We solve our problem when we get our cat two new cats.

  • The new cats come into the house as a unit. They can play together when the other, probably older, cat is not in the mood.

  • The new cats will turn to each other for their social needs, and allow our present cat to develop the relationship at their own pace; they won't be harassed to be friends before they are ready.

  • The new cats turns the situation around. Instead of our present cat getting invaded by another cat, our present cat is presented with a cat group they can be a part of... or not, as they wish. They will find their territory guarding response blunted because two cats actually feel like less of an invasion than a lone cat.

  • We're already going to be putting down food dishes and scooping litter. But adding two new cats is only a fraction more work than adding just one. And adding two cats instead of one makes our work lighter, because they just get along better having a buddy right off the bat, not being lonely when we are away, and convincing a single cat that there's fun they are missing, not stuff they have to share.

    So take advantage of Cat Higher Math. When we add cats; let's multiply instead.

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