How many cats are too many cats?

We sometimes see "cat hoarders" on the news. Some sad looking little house, or tiny trailer, or even an apartment, and the local humane society bringing out cat after cat, like some demented version of a cat clown car.

Now that's too many cats.

Remember that animal hoarders are mentally ill. The cats in this situation are not taken care of.

There's The Cat House on the Kings, which is a shelter in Palmer, California. They have over 700 cats and kittens; all happy and cared for.

Then there's the common saying, "Over two cats, and you're a Crazy Cat Lady." Even if you are a man.

So what is the answer to this question? The reason this question comes up so often is the intersection of two facts:

  • Cats are easy to take care of. Even many cats are easy to take care of and make happy.

  • People who find out they like cats, want more cats. Because more cats are more fun!

  • So the answer to the question of "How many are too many?" is simple. As long as we have enough time, money, space, and love to make each cat happy, we can have as many as we want.

    Statistically, more than half of all people in the US who have cats, have more than one cat. Because they have discovered how easy, and enjoyable, cats are.

    Because it's not crazy to love cats.

    Loving cats is so easy, cats are now the most popular pet in the United States, the United Kingdom, Russia, China, Japan, and throughout Europe. Not to mention their popularity in Indonesia and Australia.

    Might make a catless person wonder... what they are missing.

    To see how many cats your space can handle, use my Cat Space Calculator.
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