Why we have to apologize to our cat

Recently, I stepped on Tristan's tail. Of course, it was an accident. He was under a chair, except for his tail. I was rushing around, late for work. Fortunately, I was still wearing my slippers, and he wasn't hurt.

Except for his feelings.
Tristan lives on love

Cats think everything we do is on purpose. After all, everything they do is on purpose! So when we accidentally hurt them, we have to let them know it was an accident.

For Tristan, it meant following him as he fled into the bedroom, all the while saying I didn't mean to, I didn't want to hurt him, I'm so sad now.

I talked to him as he hid under a chair. It's wasn't hiding under the bed; where I could not get reach him. This was a place I could reach him.

So I petted him, and as he relaxed I pulled him out from under the chair for a big hug.

He needed to know I still loved him. This is how he understands that I didn't mean to hurt his tail. This is how I explain that it was an accident.

I act upset in a low-key, sorrowful, way. I keep following him around, apologizing. This lets my voice and body language convey my meaning.

When Tristan let me hug him, I knew he had forgiven me. Now I was sure he understood that I had not done this on purpose. That I still loved him.

How else would he know?

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