Are we upsetting our cat?

We might not realize all the ways we actually upset our cat when all we are trying to do is be friends.

Then we get upset because all we are trying to do is be friends.

But it's not enough for us to have good intentions. If our cat does not know we have good intentions, it does not matter, does it? But we can, with the best intentions in the world, try to make friends with our cat, do all the wrong things, and ruin a potentially great friendship.

Are we making these mistakes?

  • Using harsh punishment methods
  • Not playing with the cat
  • Not giving the cat what they need
  • Blaming the cat for "being stubborn" about training

We must realize that our cat is a marvelous example of a Supreme Predator, and all their instincts are intact and fully functioning. This is how they got the job in the first place. We said, "Oh dear, all these rats and mice are eating our all food," and the cat said, "I can take care of that for you."

They are, really, super-heroes.

When we get upset about them doing something, we need to understand that "something" is something they have to do: their instincts demand it.

Are they scratching on the couch? They need a sturdy scratching post.

Are they knocking stuff off the bookcases and knicknack tables? It's because they have to look out the window, or have a high perch.

Are they trying to play with our things? They need their own things to play with!

Cats are highly intelligent creatures who have certain needs. We meet those needs; and everyone is happy!

For more about how we can make our cats miserable without knowing that is what we are doing, see The Blame Game.
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