What is the cat training concept, "Yours and Mine"?

There's a training technique I call yours and mine.

If our cat wants something, we don't frustrate them. We give them their own version to play with.

When Tristan was several months old, he kept getting in my way as I was sorting paperwork for taxes. This can be very exasperating!

But he was both a kitten who loves to play, and a cat who loves to share things with his people.

So I gave him a box lid and some stuff pulled from the recycling bin, and told him this was "his." He was very happy to imitate me, and even opened his own envelopes.

We are both less frustrated. We are both getting things done.

We are both, happier.

Often, our cat does not want the thing we are playing with... so much as they want to share the experience.

See my blog post about the training concept Yours and Mine.
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