Adult Cat Adoption - So easy!

What is the easiest, and best, way to get a cat? It's getting an adult cat from a shelter.

I'm fairly sure that is not the response most people would think of; something like "kittens given away" or "taking in the stray who shows up" would be what most people think of as The Easiest.

Adult cats are the easiest.But it is all about how we define "easy," isn't it? These methods require little effort on our part... at first. Yet, they require the greatest effort in shaping this cat into a wonderful pet. Especially if we are new to cats.

The problem with cats as randomly found objects is that we need to do health and personality evaluations. Before giving them the run of our home and our heart.

Do we have a quarantine room we can set up?

Do we know what they are saying when they are upset and frightened?

Can we tell if they are sick or hurt or suffering?

A good shelter is able to answer a lot of these questions. Plus, we get vet care, ID chipping, and reassurance.

Kittens are delightful and cuddly but require more time and patience than adults. Adult cats should come home altered and up to date on their shots. It's great to get some idea of what this cat is like, and if that is what we want in our cat.

Adults are great starter cats because it is easier to develop communication skills. Things we like in kittens are also found in adult cats.

The problem is that people don't know how to make friends with adult cats. But that's easy!

I explain in The Bridge to Grown Cats.

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