Bringing the love

This is our two year old cat, Tristan, with all of his paws in my husband's sleeping hand.

Tristan, always with the sweet gesture
Tristan loves love.

How can we get a cat who loves us this much?

Short version: we love them that much.

So of course we love our cat. How can we let the cat know?

That is the long version. We learn how to tell our cat we love them.

This is a skill like any other, and with practice, we all get better at it. In this photo, Tristan expresses his affection in the same way humans do. He is "holding hands."

Cats may not have opposable thumbs or movable eyebrows, as we do. But they do have the capacity for understanding, and using their own communication methods. We smile with our lips. They do the slow blinks of "cat kisses."

It means the same thing. It's sending a little love back and forth.

The thing about Tristan is that he is always touching base with us, by rubbing his head on our body, or talking in his trilly little voice, or snuggling up with us while we are sleeping. We make sure we return this gesture, with a head or belly rub, or just saying sweet things to him in our own, little, voices.

It might not be the same gestures with the same body parts. But the meaning; that's exactly the same!

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