Why cats need trees

Can we give our cats the outdoors... inside?

Yes! We can do it with a cat tree.

Dogs get their exercise by running around. Cats get their exercise by ambushing their prey and climbing trees.

We can get some play from our cats with prey substitutes, like wand toys and bouncing balls. But there's no substitute for trees. We need to give them a tree. Or, at least, a cat tree!

There are so many ways cat furniture works for us:

  • It saves our furniture.

  • The reason cats scratch our couches and chairs is because couches and chairs don't move. In nature, cats use trees. And guess what? Trees don't move.

    Cats don't just sharpen their claws when they scratch things. They also, and equally importantly, exercise by scratching things. So they need something strong and sturdy that will let them get a stress-relieving workout.

  • It saves our sleep.

  • A tired cat is a happy cat. If we have kittens or cats who are bugging us too early in the morning, they might not be getting enough exercise.

    Cats climb cat trees; and by so doing, they work out all their muscles. Like lifting weights!

    This wears them out in a way they need. Just running around doesn't wear out all their muscles the way climbing does.

  • It saves our sanity.

  • When we have a cat tree, we can give our cat what they miss about the outdoors. Only it's inside, where it's safe.

    Then we don't have to worry about them getting run over or attacked by a dog.

    With a cat tree as an exercise, playing, and scratching focus, we have a happy, contented cat who has no reason to misbehave. Then everyone is happy.

    Find out more about what cat furniture can do for both us, and our cats.
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