Why do cats lie around so much?

Cats are a study in contrast. They lie around a lot, then explode into action. So when they aren't exploding, they are conserving their energy.

Cats have, in energy terms, a lot of overhead. Their high temperature and high metabolism combine to make them hearty eaters, and their hunting background keeps them keenly interested in their surroundings.

But cats are not pack hunters, relying on designated players to bring down food. Cats hunt alone, and most of their process is mental.

Much of cat hunting takes place through observation. Cats study their prey, map their routines, and figure out the best way to ambush dinner. So when we think they are just lying around; well, they are.

But it has a purpose. Even though we don't have an abundance of prey in the house (we hope!) their instincts form the same pattern to their days; storing up energy until it's needed.

And then leaping into action.

So cats aren't lazy. Cats are planning. All the time.

We might think cats are solar powered, because they like to lie in the sun so much. But, in a way, they are solar powered!

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