When our cats sleep with us

My cats love to cuddle with me, and never more than when I am stretched out and un-moving. That is because we and our cats have mismatched energy cycles.

There is still room for two people.
So often, our cat will want to sit on our lap, but we are busy, and bouncing up to use the bathroom or refresh our beverage or choose another movie to watch, and so we are the ones with an energy cycle that is too short.

It turns around. At night, we are down for seven to nine hours, while our cats are good for like... five. And there can be the problem.

Some cats find our recumbent presence so enjoyable, and their own needs for activity so low, that they will patiently wait until we get up.

But if our cats are young, or energetic, or simply want to spend fun time with us, they will not.

Don't think we can bypass issues by not letting them sleep with us. They want to, and being locked out will just make them think we don't know they are locked out there. They will let us know. Surely we will do something about this once we know!

So enjoy it when cats sleep with us, and revel in the closeness. We can train our cats to behave until we are ready to get up.

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