What does "Bless the Spot" Mean to Cats?

I call it Bless the Spot. What we are doing is letting our cat know where they are sleeping, or hanging out, is a good spot. One that will not get them in trouble.

If we take the trouble to Bless the Spot, we are saying:

  • we care
  • we care for their needs
  • this is a good spot!

  • It's easy to give affection to Tristan when he sleeps in the living room chair. Fussing over him, in a favorite spot, reassures him that he's chosen a safe place.

    • Pet them gently without disturbing them.
    • Send them a cat kiss with our eyes if they can see us.
    • Or, say their name in a sweet voice.

    Find out more about how to Bless the Spot.
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