What makes cats friendly?

Many people feel that a major drawback to cats as pets is that they lack the "instant friendship" dogs extend to... well, everyone.

This is enjoyable in social gatherings, provided our friends enjoy dogs as much as we do. Can we get this same happy environment with our cats?

We can! It simply takes a little more time and a bit more cooperation. And... provided our friends enjoy cats as much as we do.

Because dog friendship is built on our existence. Dogs are disposed to be friendly with, and subservient to, other beings because that is what pack animals do.

Cat friendship is built on trust. We need to show ourselves as worthy. Once we are; we are covered with love like toast and butter.

But so many people do not get that far. They bring their prejudices to the table when it comes to cats. They expect instant acceptance, do not get it, and declare cats to be aloof and lacking in affection.

Cats like to be asked.

When we encounter a new cat, we should flirt with our eyes, paying attention in subtle little ways. We should respect their person and their dignity. We should not rough-house with the cat, like smacking them on the head with pats or rubbing their belly like a magic lamp.

Whether it is our cat or someone else's, we should act like we are thrilled to be in the cat's presence; yet we are containing our excitement because we respect them so much. This tells our cat, in cat language, that we are "good enough" to be their friend. And that is what we want to be, isn't it?

Imagine meeting your favorite celebrity. We don't want to make fools of ourselves, and we do want to convey our respect and appreciation of what their work has done for us.

That's about right.

Find out more about helping our cats to be friendly with Cats who like our friends.
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