Training Tip: Boundaries

It may be clear to us where we'd like the cat not to sit or walk.

But we might not be able to convey that message to the cat. Or the cat would take a substitute path if we could explain it to them. And the "boundaries" of the okay places and the not-okay places might be far more difficult to grasp for our cat, who sees things differently than we do.

All of this can make training harder than it needs to be.

Set out clear boundaries for our cat. Don't feed them on the counter and then expect them to somehow understand they can't have the whole counter. Give them some help with a way showing them a line that will help them understand "yours and mine."

If we have a chair we don't want them own, give them something of their own at the same time we block off the chair. It doesn't have to stay blocked off. Just serve as a training aid to remind the cat what it is we are after.

If we don't speak "cat" well we might not be saying... what we think we are telling the cat.

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