When the thing we worry about... won't happen

People tell me they aren't interested in getting a pet cat because of problems which only exist when cats are handled completely wrong.

So I'm happy to say that the best way to avoid the worst cat problems is to avoid doing things completely wrong!

There, that was easy.

But as always, the biggest problem is knowing what's right... and what's wrong. People turn away from the "cat option" because they don't think they can get what they want from a cat. But they are usually wrong about that.

It's not our fault when that happens. Our only exposure to cats might have been from people who didn't understand their cats, handled their training and care badly, and then complained that cats weren't affectionate.

Well, when I'm treated with incompetence... I'm not affectionate, either.

If we want a hiking companion, or an excuse to get out and meet people, or more exercise... a dog is a good choice. We cannot do these things with cats.

But if we want someone happy to see us when we get home, a cuddly companion during our downtime, and a pet who can take care of themselves during bad weather and late nights... a cat is an excellent choice.

If we want a pet we can spoil, a cat is the best choice!

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