Review of the Shedmonster

One way of keeping cat fur off of our stuff is to groom our cat on a regular basis. We shouldn't think of this as a "chore." Done properly, it's also a fun time for both of us.

ShedMonster, grooming that really worksThe ShedMonster turns out to be an excellent grooming tool. I groom my cats on a weekly basis, and this tool got a whole handful out of my long-haired Maine Coon cat.

It's especially good at reaching their insulating undercoat; the fur that combs and brushes are most likely to miss. This will keep our cat cooler in summer, and keep their skin healthier in winter. It also keeps this hardest-to-remove layer off of our clothes and upholstery.

The best part is that the cats just love it.

I got the longhaired version for this review, but it still worked to get some fluff off of shorthaired Tristan. It's very sensibly priced, too. Amazon had the best online price for either the longhair version, ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool for Medium to Long Coats, or the shorthair version, ShedMonster De-Shedding Tool for Fine or Short Coats.

When we groom our cat, we get them used to being handled. We have a fun time together. We also take good care of them. Longhaired or shorthaired, every cat needs some attention.

And cats love attention.

    For tips on teaching our cat to love their grooming, see my post, Grooming the Cat and The Knotty Question for how to get the knots out, safely.

    I received the Shedmonster free, for reviewing purposes. I am getting no further recompense for my review.
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