Cats need to explode: into action!

Why do our cats make this sudden transition?

This is our cat's hunting style. Lying in wait, and then ambushing the prey.

This helps us give our cats the right exercise. We might need this help: because cat exercise is the opposite of dog exercise.

Dogs need long walks. Cats need to chase, but they also need to ambush. We might get exasperated while we wait for our cat to attack, but they are setting up their ambush. This is important.

We need to offer, for cats or dogs, exercise that matches their hunting style. Dogs roam in packs and run down their prey. So they like to run for a long time, and chase things. Cats study their prey, figure out where they are going to be, and get there, first.

A cat's hunting style doesn't just explain why our cats "explode." It means they need to. In the wild, they would have continuous cycles of setting up a plan, then patiently waiting for THE TIME TO STRIKE!

When we watch our cat's behind wiggle and they leap with every bit of their stored energy, we are watching the "ninja" moves that make them such incredible hunters.

If we keep our cats exercised the right way, they won't try to release that energy by "being bad." They don't mean to be bad. They just need some help.

Watch me explain this process in my Herbal Cat Toy Video.

    Tempt our cat with the natural excitement, and gentle winding down, offered by a favorite herbal toy. When cats are calm and happy, it's a great time to pet them and get some cuddles in!

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