What to Get the Cat Lover Who Has Everything

What's the best gift for a cat lover? Stuff that makes their cats happy.

After all, cats don't have the same gift list we do; and they don't get gifts nearly often enough.

Stocking Stuffers

All cats love toys that look like mice, birds, or fish. A toy that makes the "cat go crazy" or provokes any lively response is always a hit. Curl up on the couch with a movie the cats will approve of.

Ramp It Up

If there's a kitten in the picture, the must have toy is Cheese Chase. Feliway pheromone dispenser have a scent that calms cats, and humans can't smell at all. Nap related items will be enjoyed for hours out of every day. Window perches are the kind of gift which doesn't cost much, but the effort to find and install it will also be part of our gift.

Do they love to read? These cat memoirs are famous classics.

When you're going all out this year...

Here's how to find the right automatic litterbox litterbox for anyone.

It really says I Love You.

My rec:

Did you know how much snazz you can add to your place with cat furniture? The Kitty Store Online has beautiful items at very competitive prices. Keep the human furniture looking great with one of these scratching posts a cat is guaranteed to like.

Great cat condo with scratching postUltimate scratching post, award winner

The big mistake most people make in choosing a scratching post is that it's not sturdy, and it has the wrong surface. These posts don't make those mistakes.

Enjoy the holidays, and the cats.
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