Why do cats cough up hairballs?

Cats cough up hairballs because they have to do it to stay well.

Cats groom themselves constantly, so their scent will not tip off their prey. This means they ingest some of their fur. There's only two ways to get rid of it, and hairballs is the other way.

If the fur doesn't pass through their stomachs, it will make the cat feel sick, and they will throw up their hairball and then feel much better.

So when the cat makes funny noises and throws up, they are doing something natural that is good for them.

We don't need to worry.

This activity can increase any time the weather begins moving into a new season. In cats exposed to a lot of natural sunlight, the shedding is more seasonal. Indoor cats slow down their rate, but do it more often.

Some companies put extra fiber in foods or treats to help this process along the other way. Since my cats don't care for these, I use the natural fibers in fresh grass, which has many other health benefits.

We can also give the cat a hairball remedy regularly, usually made with malt syrup and mineral oil. Look for the low sugar alternatives, because cats have a low tolerance for sugar.

Grooming the cat keeps hair elsewhere to a minimum. Read the best way to train your cat to love grooming.

Grow kitty grass
to help the cat let the fur pass through their stomach.
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