Ten Ways Cats are Better Than Dogs

Often, dog and cat fans defend their love of dogs by denigrating the others choice of pet. Far too often, cats have the deck stacked against them. Someone can say they don't like cats, and half the room might agree. Someone can say they don't like dogs, and they lose the whole room.

Because, it must be admitted, there are at least ten ways cats are better than dogs.

10: Cats like to be clean and tidy. Dogs, don't.

9: Cats don't need to be walked.

8: Cats arrive already litter trained.

7: Dogs chew apart sofas. Cats are capable of disassembling small devices. Just not putting them back together again. Your odds of reassembly are far better with a cat.

6: Cats leave their vomit around, true. Dogs eat theirs, and throw it up again.

5: People need to take classes to learn how to train the dog. Cats will gladly train us.

4: Cats leave our crotches alone.

3: Cats leave our guests' crotches alone.

2: A cat might do a "Chuck Berry" across the floor when we entertain our future mother-in-law. But a dog might dig used underwear out of the hamper and drop them in her lap.

And, number one:

1: A cat can be spoiled.

Spoiling dogs is a tricky business. Dogs need authority as much as they need affection, and many people find this difficult.

A pet lover can't do better than a cat. Because cats just get better with spoiling.

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