Mr. Bond Has a Minion

When cats get along, there's nothing better. This morning Mr. Bond outsourced his reminders. I had been hitting snooze a couple of times, but it was five minutes before the breakfast deadline when RJ got on the foot of the bed. He was reminding me that it was time for breakfast.

Mr. Bond was waiting in the kitchen when I went in there, and I could tell he was pleased that RJ was proving to be so useful.

And I rubbed it in.

"I told you it would be fun to have a kitten. And you thought there wasn't any point to it at all!"

Mr. Bond has been showing RJ how to supervise from the first day. RJ has been an eager protege. In the photo Mr. Bond demonstrates that we watch the Robot work, and the Robot has a red light when it's about to work. For Mr. Bond, it's also a cat toy.

RJ will often be there too, excited when the red light seems to be taking too long. He runs around in a small circle to encourage it. Mr. Bond finds this to be an unnecessary frill.

RJ will often copy Mr. Bond's postures and be near him while he does it. They sleep together on the bed. They like each other because they are alike. It's not crucial that they share all the same traits. It is crucial that they don't have traits the other finds to be too obnoxious.

Choosing the right cat is not difficult, while giving no thought to it will dramatically increase our odds of a poor match. If we observe the cat loves to look out windows and sleep in the corner of the couch, we will choose a pet personality who will also like to do that, such as a cat who is more on the Gamma side.

We learned that a Alpha kitten would be too insistent that Puffy play with him. In Mr. Bond's case, he was a Beta, so I knew a Beta kitten would be far more likely to work well. RJ's friendly Beta personality is also drawing Puffy out, now that RJ has calmed down enough to communicate with Puffy.

But while Puffy likes him, Mr. Bond loves him. I can't wait to see what Mr. Bond teaches RJ next.

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