Did I Live Like a Cat?

Despite my best planning, I didn't make my first Live Like a Cat Day as complete as I would have liked.

But I did sleep in. Getting enough sleep is an important part of being a cat.

While I ran errands in the morning, I used that time to pick up some books, both library and local small bookstore, that I had wanted to read for a while. While grocery shopping I picked up some goodies. So if we look at the morning as hunting and capturing, it was a successful one.

Upon returning to the lair, I brewed up a huge, coffeehouse cup of homemade cocoa, which we can call catnip for humans, and have settled in to watch things out the window, or TV screen, if you want to be technical. If something interesting moved in the window, I watched that. The rest of the time, I looked out another window (my laptop screen) and played with my toy (the new biography of Warren Zevon. Quite a lively toy, I must say.)

Because a cat will think of others, I helped my fellow cats by putting a new scratch pad in the Trackball toy, and serving canned salmon for dinner. In keeping with the theme, I had shrimp. Happy, happy cats!

In the evening, we watched one of our Christmas presents, Blade Runner. We discussed the nature of humanity.

As, indeed, cats must do, every day.

We just don't know it.

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